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Ry Guy mmmmshowerscenes at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 3 22:31:39 PST 2004

i saw yeah yeah yeahs in january here in philadelphia. they put on an amazing live show. they sound perfect. i didn't have the chance to see them with ssion, though, unfortunately. ssion is becoming one of my favorite bands. they are quite an acquired taste. you're right with your comparisons. the lead singer, though he's male, sounds like courtney love a lot of the time. i think they are a dirtier version of yeah yeah yeahs, and i love that about them. sounds like a great show!

Susan Senn <kanuz at hotmail.com> wrote:It's been a while since I've posted, and I'll keep it brief because I have 
and exam tomorrow.

I just got back from seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs here in Madison at the 
Barrymore Theater. We were late to the show because my friends decided that 
since the show starts at 8 we have time to eat at 6:30. Which, in theory, 
was a good idea, however, I didn't realize that they wanted to eat across 
the street from the theater so it was packed and we had an 1:45 wait before 
we even got a table.

After eating we went into the theater and grabbed our reserved tickets. We 
walked into the theater on a set change (His and Her Vanities had just 
finished up) and I saw my boss sitting about four rows from the back. She 
was slightly inebriated. She saw me and said "Susan!" and turned to the man 
with her and said "Susan is the biggest Garbage fan". The man turned to me 
and said "Well they're here, you know. I've seen Duke and Steve and I think 
Shirley and Butch are coming". I was of course suddenly much more excited. 
My friend Stacey and I decided to go grab seats towards the back so we could 
see better and have a place to put my shit. I turned to look around the 
venue and low and behold I saw Duke hanging out by the back wall. I think I 
kind of creeped him out because I kept watching him. It was just so bizarre 
to see him at a show I was at. Later Steve and his wife came and hung out 
back by Duke. I never saw Shirley nor Butch, but it's quite possible that 
they were backstage. I'll have to await the journals.

Anyway, the show. So I got there in time to see Ssion. Whom I was pretty 
alone in liking. They were two girls, one dressed as a pregnant lion the 
other as a glittery chicken, and a guy, dressed as a glittery cow in hot 
pants. They were bizarre, but hilarious. They kind of sounded liek Hole 
circa Pretty on the Inside meets Rocky Horror Picture Show mixed with lots 
of performance art. They sang along to tapes while a premade video played 
in the background. I loved it, but I love weird avant-garde shit.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs were amazing. They played a ton of songs. And Karen O was 
very, very drunk. That's really all I'm going to say. Just amazing. Go 
see them if you can because it's totally worth it.


"I could be passive gracefully...Tonight your ghost will ask my ghost, 
'Where is the love?'; Tonight your ghost will ask my ghost, 'Who put these 
bodies between us?'" - Metric - 'Calculation Theme'

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