[Trash-talk] ngr - includes muse ramblings!

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Mon Mar 1 20:01:03 PST 2004

Oh God I saw Muse last Monday in the Olympia Dublin (since someone else was 
talking about a gig they saw). They rocked so much. They haave such a 
stunningly creative live show. I've always been obsessed with visuals and 
they used huge video screens to project various images etc etc and oooh Matt 
has the best keyboard ever. It has a huge metal fronted facade and various 
colours of lights flash in time with his playing. You just needed to see it 

But one thing I noticed was a sort of lack of.. chat I guess. Shirley says 
she talks too much but I think that's a good thing. It's those things that 
makes a gig personal. Muse just played the songs - there were a few thank 
yous and a little bit of chat from Dom the drummer but otherwise it was just 
song to song and i wanted some talk, something to make it different or 

The support were not too bad - Future Kings of Spain. Do us a favour and 
discover them so that they can get the hell out of Dublin. They need to move 
on, see the world, do gigs somewhere ELSE!

Um - what else, this is a ungarbagey ramble.

Oooh I do love VH2. If anyone has it isn't it great? It plays a lot of fab 
alternative/indie although I have to admit I'm hearing a lot of Muse, a lot 
of Depeche Mode and a lot of Suede (old Suede which is great).

Want to go and see Snow Patrol now. Seen them before but they're "big" (ish 
ish ish) now and i want to see them again. Now. :P

I'm in a weird mood. Very.. whoo! :) It's the carbon in the matchsticks - 
gets me going! ;)


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