[Trash-talk] NGR: the sounds @ tla

Manson manson26 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 1 08:31:54 PST 2004

I've never seen the Sounds live. They keep cancelling
their shows here in Dallas. I have met them though.
They're super sweet. Maja called me sweetie.. or was
it sugar, I can't remember. She is so cool.


--- Stefanie Schwartz <skull at spastica.net> wrote:
> i saw ima robot, kill hannah and the sounds at the
> tla in philly on friday.
> if anybody doesn't know the sounds, they're swedish,
> look like blondie and have a fairly blondie sound;
> synthy, dancey pop rock.  the singer has a big
> throaty awesome voice and they were probably one of
> the best live bands i've seen in a while.
> loads of attitude, and very danceable.
> just a note that you should all check 'em out.  i
> dug them.
> back to eating matches!  (when i was twelve-ish i
> was also obsessed with matches, but never even
> thought about eating them.  go figure)>
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