[Trash-talk] NGR: the sounds @ tla

Ry Guy mmmmshowerscenes at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 1 07:57:48 PST 2004

yeah, i saw that show on friday, too! my boyfriend likes ima robot a lot, but i'm not into them at all. and kill hannah was real awful, too. but the sounds were really great. the audience was lame, though. not enough dancing on their part!

Stefanie Schwartz <skull at spastica.net> wrote:
i saw ima robot, kill hannah and the sounds at the tla in philly on friday.
if anybody doesn't know the sounds, they're swedish, look like blondie and have a fairly blondie sound; synthy, dancey pop rock.  the singer has a big throaty awesome voice and they were probably one of the best live bands i've seen in a while.
loads of attitude, and very danceable.
just a note that you should all check 'em out.  i dug them.
back to eating matches!  (when i was twelve-ish i was also obsessed with matches, but never even thought about eating them.  go figure)
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