[Trash-talk] HOAHB album tracks

xshirleyxvixenx *~* shirleyvixen at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 1 08:46:39 PDT 2004

>Actually, I'd like it better if the song names were shorter. Vow. Queer. 
>Milk. Those were names (and songs!). Wordy song titles seem to indicate 
>that they're kind of slow....

Actually short song titles are cooler as well.

How weird to dissect these things, like it will really matter but oh well!

>So when will the album be out? My estimate: June 28. Or whatever it takes 
>to create this new web page.

Not a chance in hell. It will probably be September or October. If it was 
June, the songs would be available online plus the release date would have 
been announced at least within music industy circle. Plus, a single would be 
released first and would have hopefully been played for a while.

Maybe they'll start their campaign late August/early September. hey we can 
dream, you know :P


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