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Really? And there was me thinking you'd just dropped off the face of the 


>Well I'm still around. (puts invisibility cloak back on)
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>>Well, I've been on TT for over 3 and a half years now (Highly weird) and
>>there have been loads of people passing through since then. Of course,
>>with Garbage not being up to much (ha) people are quiet since there isn't
>>much to discuss. I'm just wondering however if those people who I've known
>>over the years are still reading and stuff, and I'm wondering what the
>>is going on with them. Some I know aren't part of the list anymore but for
>>those who are and who are quiet, well, come out and let us know.. :P
>>No one will reply. I am well aware of this already. :)
>>loulapalouza xx
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