[Trash-talk] Fashion at the Garbage fan site

Alan Hoppe scully_itsme at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 26 00:49:28 PST 2004

hi sirin

hey, what a nice section. i noticed the light-green color theme and that 
goes really well with the light pink color theme of subhuman.

the layout of the four pages is nice - i especially like the drawing on the 
apparel page. the panda skirt! (and based on one of my favorite shirley m 
photo shooots)

the little windows / circles / ovals - they remind me of cosmo-style 
layouts. or cosmo-girl (the one that i usually read, haha). nice job!

mr. happy

sirin from subhuman.net wrote:

>>I have been working on a new section for subhuman.net for a while. It is
>>about Shirley's favourite make-up and fashion items. Anyway I've just
>>finished the section. I would love to get your feedback about it. You can
>>get into the section by clicking the lipstick on right hand side menu.

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