[Trash-talk] NGR Re: Please cut back the ngr posts

Justin Scott jmscott42 at spamcop.net
Thu Feb 19 06:20:23 PST 2004

Uhm, yeah, this list IS only for the discussion of Garbage. There are plenty of
places you can discuss politics-- the problem here is you have people who
signed up to talk about (or read about) Garbage, not "anything anyone who likes
Garbage may feel like talking about." Search Google, go to Democratic
Underground or MoveOn or Right Thinking. There is plenty of "truth" out there
if you want to find it; don't expect it to be delivered to you on a Garbage
mailing list or anywhere else-- you have to read, search, absorb, and come up
with your own conclusions, not what any one person or organization says. And
don't automatically trust it just because it agrees with what you WANT to hear.

I personally have just re-signed up to the list after a fairly long period of
not being on the list because it was so out of control. Guess I made the wrong
decision and may as well unsubscribe again.

There's a huge difference between "governmental censorship" and someone
requesting that a privately owned/run mailing list stay on topic. That's the
beauty of the internet, you can make a list for Garbage fans to discuss
politics and no one WILL say a word if that's the stated goal (Yahoo groups,
anyone?). But this isn't that list.  Some of us just don't want to be flooded
by off-topic emails of any and every color.

I'm only posting this because I think it's a strange mindset to feel like "I've
been asked not to post political topics on a mailing list about a MUSIC GROUP,
my rights are being infringed."  It's one thing to discuss political messages
Shirley's posted, it's totally another to just forward messages from various
political organizations without any context.

What else should we post? Movie theatre listings for our various cities? A full
discussion about teeny boppers from the 80's? Favourite recipies? I'd argue any
of those should be kept off the list.  The difference now is probably the
people leaving are making a bit more noise, as opposed to just meekly
unsubscribing when the signal:noise ratio gets unmeasurable.. ;)

I'm sure I'm going to be sorry I posted this.


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