[Trash-talk] Please stop with the politics now

Frank T. Rambøl frank at d-fect.com
Wed Feb 11 00:39:34 PST 2004

>From time to time it can be interesting to discuss politics, but please
don't let this list become a political battle field.

We are all different. Some think Bush is great, some think he sucks. Some
thinks the Iraqi war was just, some don't. Some think Blair is just doing
what Bush tells him to do, some think that Blair tries to hold Bush down.

These things are way to serious to discuss on this list, and even if I
answered one of these mail I will admit that it might have been stupid of

It is much better not to know too much about the people you answer here.

So please stop with the politics on this list now and og find a list about
Bush if you want to continue discuss his doings.

Just another $0.02.

- Frankster

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