[Trash-talk] Enjoy the Silence?

Merka, Lauren Lauren.Merka at trinity.edu
Tue Apr 27 18:24:32 PDT 2004

Hey I'm Lauren, also known as Paranoid Vixen, not be confused with Paranoid SUPER Vixen. I'm 20 years old, I go to Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. I'm about to finish up my junior year and I'm a computer science major, with minors in art and business. 
I got into Garbage kinda late. Like the middle of 99 but I've been on Trash Talk since then. One of my best guy friends (who I also had a crush on) said they loved Garbage and one day while my grandma was taking me shopping for my 16th birthday I decided to throw Garbage Version 2.0 on the pile. I listened, fell in love instantly, blah blah blah.
I've seen Garbage in concert 5 times. Met them once. Had the best concert experience of my life at my frist one in Houston May 2002, when Shirley took my sign on stage and set it up on Butch's drums for the whole show and then picked me to request a song since I was wearing the "first Garbage shirt ever" so I picked Trip My Wire and they played it, although she forgot like half the song it was GREAT! After the show I got to meet the whole band, get pictures and they all signed my pink, supervixen Garbage t-shirt! YAY!!! www.pbase.com/paranoid_vixen/garbage
I've met lots of Trashers, let's see if I can name them all right now....Renee, Petra, Claire, Pat, Curtis, Abbey, Simon, Lou (when I was living in Ireland for a semester last year), Shell and Sirin (same but In Edinburgh)....oh god I have a horrible feeling I'm leaving some people out and if I am I'm sorry but I just came back from dinner where I had margaritas!!!!! =)
Ok, I think that's about it for interesting stuff dealing with me. Except I also love The Corrs, Evanescense, REM, Smashing Pumpkins, Bush, No Doubt, Coldplay, Josh Ritter, Paddy Casey, Lifehouse. I love the TV shows Friends, Gilmore Girls, Roswell. I adore Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, John Cusak, Janine Garafalo, Meg Ryan, Ewan McGreggor, (really anyone not from the US, I'm a sucker for the accents). Oh and I love Guinness! =)

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