[Trash-talk] Enjoy the Silence?

Warren Maas blisteringheat at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 27 17:10:31 PDT 2004

Hey everyone. My name is Warren, though most of you know me as pongo. I've
been a trasher since late '97. I found trash-talk b/c I was looking for any
news at all on when the new record (V 2.0) was due. The S/T had been in my
car CD player for about a year and a half and I was finally starting to get
a little bored with it. Haha. It's still the Garbage CD I like the most.

I live in Newport Beach, CA with my hot little wife, Shelly, and I teach
math at a continuation high school. It's the best damn job in the whole
world. I've been doing it for 12 years.

Politically I am to the right of Bill Shaw and to the left of Pat Becwar. I
guess that pretty much leaves everything open.  ;)

I am a huge baseball fan and have season tickets for the Dodgers. The times
I love the most are hot day games at the Stadium with a Dodger Dog in one
hand and an ice cold $7 beer in the other. Nothing like it. I  take a lot
of pictures at the games and am a pretty decent sports photographer.

I am also a live rock show junkie. I'll see pretty much any band or
performer, the most noteworthy of which I'll sometimes post about here.
Others I'll never mention.  ;)  My favorite local venues are the Troubadour
in West Hollywood and the Casbah in San Diego. The slightly larger El Rey
and Wiltern theatres in LA are great too. My favorite bands at the moment
are Pretty Girls Make Graves, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Datsuns. My all
time favorite bands (besides Garbage) are probably Led Zeppelin, the Velvet
Underground and the Doors.

There ya are!


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