[Trash-talk] Enjoy the Silence?

Christopher Fortin cfortin at bbn.com
Tue Apr 27 12:21:28 PDT 2004

Hi everyone.  Just a quick delurk.

I'm Chris, and I've lurked here for a long time.  I discovered Garbage
when New Music Monthly had the cut 'Thirteen' one month.  I loved it,
and ran to the nearest Newbury Comics.  Ask the clerk which album to
buy ( you see this coming, right :) ).  He says 'must be new, get 2.0'
So I do, love it, but no Thirteen.  So .. I go back and get Garbage ST,
great album, still no Thirteen!  Eventually I learn.

I work for BBN, mostly doing systems development for the USN.  Last sea
test I was on, I had a half dozen crewmen standing in this little compartment,
watching some of the 2 Gig of Garbage concerts/interviews off my laptop.

I've also learned that Garbage concerts are great to watch while running
on the treadmill.  Just when you're starting to loose spirit, they
kick into Hammering, and get you moving again.

Take care, everyone,

Christopher Fortin, Ph.D. EE, Senior_Scientist at BBN <chris at fortins.org>
"You're asking a bunch of sysadmins if anyone remembers how to tie
hangman's noose, and _not_ expecting positive responses?"
                             -Anthony DeBoer in the SDM

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