[Trash-talk] The Rasmus and Garbage

Asbjørn Andersen garbage at pc.dk
Thu Apr 22 01:55:31 PDT 2004

The Ramus' big international breakthrough song "In The Shadows" is really awesome
though it was getting overplayed in the radio (at least in Denmark and Germany).

The singles they released after that were pretty average but they have cought
my attention again with their current single "Funeral Song (The Resurrection)".
The cello on that track sounds extremely good (I have a thing for cellos :)

They are definately a band worth checking out!


----- Original Message ----- 
> I'm quite liking The Rasmus right now. Not ashamed of it (as the people 
> jj72.org reckon I should be :P) at all cos I like them whethere they're big 
> or clever or cool or whatever. They sound good.
> lou
> xx

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