[Trash-talk] SPIN issue on Kurt Cobain (April '04)

Alan Hoppe scully_itsme at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 8 13:49:36 PDT 2004

hey, shirleybee posted on my BG group that the new SPIN had a small photo of 
shirley from the angelfish days. turns out that was the one with her arms 
raised, in the black outfit w/ fishnets, performing live. they used that for 
the version 2.0 cover story on garbage in SPIN way back when.

this SPIN issue on kurt cobain and nirvana is really great. there *is* a 
quote from butch vig and another from shirley manson, in a section called 
"in bloom", that has people sharing their thoughts on kurt. (shirleybee 
spotted these)

there's also a really great piece written by chris norris, called "the ghost 
of saint kurt". i typed up these parts and posted them on the message board 
@ BG. i especially love that someone else remembers those "freedom rock CD" 
commercials with the stoned retro hippie dudes. the article is filled with 
so many things to ponder when you think of nirvana's place in music history 
.. and how challenging it is to think of it as "history" only ten years 



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