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Wed Apr 7 22:02:17 PDT 2004

I'm reading a Q mag interview from I suppose 99 (never read it before), and 
I thought this section was just excellent:

By the time Shirley Manson was spotted on MTV with her burnt-out group 
Angelfish by the three fortysomething producers who man the musical 
boiler-room of Garbage, she was already a road veteran of more than ten 
years with troubled Scottish troupe Goodbye Mr MacKenzie, in whom she played 
keyboards and sang backing vocals. As a measure of how far she has travelled 
since, Goodbye Mr MacKenzie's singer and Manson's ex, Martin Metcalfe, was 
recently "tricked" by the Scottish edition of The Sun into fronting 
scurrilous "Now She Treats Me Like Garbage" kiss-and-tell. "Of course, since 
then he's been remarkably apologetic and very uncomfortable about that," she 
notes. "There's been various kiss and tells, but they're all absolute 

No "I Shagged Her In Pub Toilet" revelations then?

"Well, he's still to sell his story. Och, I'll just give him another 
blowjob. He'll keep quiet."

Here's another interview I found that I haven't read before. From what I can 
figure out, this must be from the BG tour: 
Could the boots she refers to be the same boots that she wore when 
performing Androgyny on Letterman?


"Listen to Genie, dear, Genie knows."

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