[Trash-talk] typed up the Rolling Stone thing & posted it & just wanted to pop in and say hii

Alan Hoppe scully_itsme at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 6 20:23:31 PDT 2004

hello trash people,

sorry for disappearing on ya. i've been a busy busy bee.


i typed up that rolling stone thing on patti smith by shirley manson - and 
included the magazine's introduction, plus the list of who the fifty artists 
are, and which artist writes about each. plus the list of voters for the 
list. butch is in there as well as the co-founder, i think it is, of QPrime. 
and QPrime manages Garbage. hell, if you took all the people listed and 
named and mentioned in this RS issue and stuck them behind garbage for a 
photoshoot and dressed up the band in groovy psychedelic marching band 
clothing and threw in a garden bed that spelled out "garbage" in red tulips 
and then put some wax figures of garbage from the debut era alongside down 
in front and lookin' kinda goth and somber, and had everyone else standing 
behind them all over the place, you'd have this really trippy sort of SGT 
PEPPER revisited and garbage-ized! photo. woot.

anyway, i am kinda sorta 'back' but still out in the ozone. expect delays 
and odd choppy dance moves that break up under the 56K flutter of my 
wireless hovercraft.

xo - alan

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