[Trash-talk] diaries, smitten-swooning, kings of leon, album, etc.

Lindsay Calhoun shirleyzas at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 28 17:18:44 PDT 2003

Funnily enough, I was just listening to them as I read this message.  I just 
picked up their CD yesterday after hearing several mp3s, and I must say, I 
surprisingly like them.  They're kinda bluesy-classic-rock-ish (to me 
anyway) and they got that kinda sexy...jangly sound.  If that makes any 
sense.  Anyway, I like them, that's my 2 cents.

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>Subject: Re: [Trash-talk] diaries, smitten-swooning, kings of leon, album, 
>Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 13:02:37 -0700
>well, my mention of the kings of leon was in there, but mostly i was just
>swooning and being smitten with shirley, as usual. and pining for more of
>her breathtaking daily views and musings.
>and i'm totally clueless about these mysterious kings of leon, though i'm
>sure if they met you, they'd make you their queen of leon. after all,
>trash-talk made you its messiah :)
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>From: "xshirleyxvixenx *~*"
> > the kings of leon. why the hell is everyone talking about them at the
> > moment? as per usual, ive closed my eyes and when i opened them again
> > everyone is talking about something that ive missed
> > >From: "Alan Hoppe" <achoppe at earthlink.net>
> > >To: <trash-talk at tcp.com>
> > >Subject: [Trash-talk] diaries, smitten-swooning, kings of leon, album,
> > >Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 12:10:09 -0700
> > >
> > >i got totally behind on *everything* this past week or so. i went to
> > >garbage.com and was certain that i'd missed a studio diary posting, but
> > >there was nothing new posted. i was surprised.
> > >
> > >in re-reading shirley's last set of entries, i was smitten by her use 
> > >the
> > >word 'swoon' and i swooned myself. oh neat.
> > >
> > >and she mentioned THE KINGS OF LEON and it's making me crazy now -- 
> > >was i just reading about them??? i think it was in the local weekly, 
> > >STRANGER. i must discover more. i had already made, and lost, a mental
> > >about them and then *wooosh* shirley mentions them too. kooky.
> > >
> > >hey - maybe shirley *did* write new diaries but they're gonna pop up in
> > >some
> > >mainstream music magazine instead of online. it seems like we should be
> > >getting some garbage media buzz action soon, since we're approaching 
> > >point of completion of the new album (or not! haha).
> > >
> > >xo......................alan
> > >swooning once again
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