[Trash-talk] Garbage fan exchange

Subvixen vixen at subhuman.net
Sun Sep 28 23:05:50 PDT 2003

we've created an FTP for ppl to exchange video and live music on. You can access it via; ((Link: port 21) 
 user: garbage password: shirley 
 you can also access this without a user/password however you will NOT be able to upload files unless you sign in. 
 uploads only allowed in the /incoming folder 
 Over 2gb of videos and live MP3s have already been uploaded by the citizens of the Official Message Board. 
 please DO NOT upload illegal MP3s (b-sides, album tracks) as copyrighted material WILL BE REMOVED from the server. 
 this is an unofficial FTP and is NOT supported by the band or its publishers. 
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