[Trash-talk] Garbage on Rockpalast?

Alan Hoppe achoppe at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 25 11:46:06 PDT 2003

I voted for Bizarre too - mostly because everyone else was voting for that
one. I would've picked the Philipshalle show because that one is pretty
classic (is Shirley boozing it up in that show or what?) but Bizarre is

If you go vote for Bizarre, just remember that it's called "Butzweiler Hof
Köln". I forgot that and got so frustrated that I almost voted for Procol
Harum 1976 out of frustration :)


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From: "Emiel Hollander" <emielh at planet.nl>

> I voted for the Bizarre Festival too! I really hope they will broadcast
> it, even more because I should be able to have it captured by someone in
> high quality.

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