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Alan Hoppe achoppe at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 24 04:31:37 PDT 2003

hehe - 'stupid baseball ... '

shirley seems to get into the football and basketball, too. and then there
was that european soccer player that she got all excited about -- remember?
she was saying 'and every time he scores a goal, i pretend that he's scoring
it just for meeeeeeee!' so cute.

i'm not really all that into sports, myself. well, i like cheerleading. is
that a sport???

well thanks for sharing the details of your horrifying encounter with cubs
fans en route to your concerto. it's what is really missing from my
trash-talk mail, i feel -- stories from trashers. i love stories.


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From: "Susan Senn" <kanuz at hotmail.com>

>   I only focused on the Cubs, everyone in the midwest was completely
> absorbed with watching them.  I on the other hand abhore sports.  So when
> and my punk rock friends ventured into Chicago to see Bouncing Souls at
> Metro, I had no idea that the Cubs were playing let alone that they won
> their way into the playoffs (whatever the hell it's called in baseball).
> we got off the L right when that game that first got them into the
> ended and had to walk directly by Wrigley Field (where the cubs play for
> global trashers) and, consequently, through a crowd of tens of thousands
> drunk baseball fans.  'tweren't pleasent.  So that made me wish for the
> downfall of the Cubs from the get-go.  And Shirley falling into the
> midwestern trap only upset me more.  Less baseball more rock!  Stupid
> baseball...
> Explanation finished,
> Susan

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