[Trash-talk] RE: .... some garbage notes (CUBS)

Susan Senn kanuz at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 23 03:27:03 PDT 2003

I don't normally make a habit of stealing quotes of Shirley text from her
>studio diary writings, but after Susan went and wrote that all she talked
>about was the Cubs, I wanted to throw out a couple of non-sports Shirley
>musings ;)

  I only focused on the Cubs, everyone in the midwest was completely 
absorbed with watching them.  I on the other hand abhore sports.  So when I 
and my punk rock friends ventured into Chicago to see Bouncing Souls at the 
Metro, I had no idea that the Cubs were playing let alone that they won 
their way into the playoffs (whatever the hell it's called in baseball).  So 
we got off the L right when that game that first got them into the playoffs 
ended and had to walk directly by Wrigley Field (where the cubs play for you 
global trashers) and, consequently, through a crowd of tens of thousands of 
drunk baseball fans.  'tweren't pleasent.  So that made me wish for the 
downfall of the Cubs from the get-go.  And Shirley falling into the 
midwestern trap only upset me more.  Less baseball more rock!  Stupid 

Explanation finished,

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