[Trash-talk] Just Checkin' Kerrang Mention

Merka, Lauren Lauren.Merka at trinity.edu
Wed Oct 15 06:35:18 PDT 2003

I must admit that I haven't been keeping up with TT as much as I should be since I got to Ireland. But I went to London last week and in the airport I picked up a copy of Kerrang with Brody on the cover and had Shirley inside for some countdown of the top 20 women. This has probably been mentioned and I'm just retarded and didn't read it, but just in case!!!!!!!
And what is up with the fact that I see more UK imported singles in the US at random Best Buys than I see in any Virgin, HMV, anything here???? I don't understand!!!

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	thanks, susan -- booyah! (hey i like that noise, i'm stealing it) this was
	just the coolest set of shirley entries to read. she's on a journal-writing
	roll now, i swear.
	huzah! haha ..
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	> Huzah first to post about the new journals...booyah!  From the past week.
	> She talks about Courtney, about Guvnah Arnie, Thirteen, and of course sex.
	> Creepy coincidence I was listening to Parade when I read "I'm sitting
	> listening to "Parade" on my IPOD"... ooh spooky.
	> Susan
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