[Trash-talk] Smart Studios 'backhoe incident' in latest RollingStone "Random Notes"

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Mon Oct 6 19:39:44 PDT 2003

> > And a mention of the album being completed sometime in
> > late October, I think.

>late OCTOBER?  does he mean THIS MONTH?

Even so, that DOESEN'T mean it'll be out sometime soon. They keep saying 
from January to March. So it'll most likely be out in April. *lol* jk..... I 
haven't even realized they're working on new material yet.... I don't care 
until I see it in the shops. With BG I was very unfortunate. I fell very ill 
two days before the album was released and had to wait 8 days before I could 
go out and buy it. I was too ill to care, tho.


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