[Trash-talk] [NGR] pancakes and cabin fever

Alan Hoppe achoppe at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 1 19:35:56 PDT 2003

so there i was, in a nearly-empty movie theatre, watching 'cabin fever' to
get my mind off of life and escape the confines of my own thoughts and

in case you haven't heard of 'cabin fever', it's a new venture into
cinematic gore, with the usual silly story of some teen-to-twenty-ers going
up in the woods to party and have sex, only to fall victim to a zany
flesh-eating virus.

anyway, i was sitting there eating my sour candy and popcorn when a most
disturbing moment in the film disrupted my happy escapism:

a young crazed backwoods boy with long hair and a knack for biting people
without warning, who sat in a bench outside a country store, screaming
'PANCAKES!! PANCAKES!!!!' for no apparent reason.

this totally freaked me out, and now i'm afraid that if i ever *do* get a
chance to run off with shirley manson for 3 AM pancakes, i will be haunted
by visions of psycho cabin fever boy.

it's a pretty good movie, if yer into that sorta gore stuff, but really, i'd
wanted to see 'matchstick men' (but it had started already).


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