[Trash-talk] queen of leon??

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Wed Oct 1 16:59:47 PDT 2003

humph! we dont really have cheerleaders and homecoming queens. ive just been 
informed that i am to win "lesbian of the year" at my school formal in 
december though. our formal has "awards" so thats much cooler. :P hmm - well 
not really that cool although ive been also told (secretly of course) that i 
am getting a vibrator as an award. whee! makes it all much better.

and butterfly collector did used to be my song when i was younger. i sang it 
down the phone to my friend daniel; he recorded it and then distributed 
copies to nearly everybody he knew and to other people he didnt. when some 
random person from wales emailed me and went "queen astarte - you're the one 
who sings butterfly collector arent you?" i knew it was time to kick his 
ass. :-D

anyways... enough from me..

much dirty whoreyness
loula vixen pink

believe it, i need it, i feel intoxicated
i love it, i want it, dont make me leave you for it

for a long time i was in love
not only in love
i was obsessed

ive got to make a point these days
to extricate myself
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>Subject: Re: [Trash-talk] queen of leon??
>Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 12:32:45 -0700
>well, i was spared the woes of girlie-hood and being homecoming queen and
>all that . .while growing up and stuff. but i *did* fixate on a "junior
>cheerleader kit" that you could get - on the back of teh jujifruits candy
>boxes, you could send in for one, with three box tops and some money. i 
>to ask my mom for that all the time. she never came through. i think you 
>pom-poms. i was a strange child.
>i recently investigated briefly and could only find jujyfruits t-shirts
>offered. wtf? i would totally get one of those "junior cheerleader kits"
>now, and send it to sp*rkle dee for xmas.
>your new signature made me think of the line
>"there's tarts and whores but you're much more..."
>though the meaning of that song is in no way a louise sort of .. story.
>much love and sweetness,
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "xshirleyxvixenx *~*"  of leon??
> > >well, so much for 'much love and sweetness'
> > >i guess today is one of those 'much dirty whoreyness' kinds of days.
> > >i get those too, though i must put on my innocent face, being 
> > >queen and all.
> >
> > *hehe* much love+sweetness is highly overrated. ive spent years giving
> > love+sweetness and where has it gotten me? NOWHERE! thats why i must now
> > change to much dirty whoreyness in the hope that it shall be more
> > successful.
> >
> > and innocent face? everyone knows that homecoming queens are the worse!
> >
> > much dirty whoreyness
> > lou
> > xx
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