[Trash-talk] my two seconds of fame!

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Sun Nov 30 08:32:43 PST 2003

The concert footage appears to be from night #1, but most of the crowd
close ups are from night #3. You can tell by the wristband colors. At least
one of the bonus tracks is from the Anaheim show.


when did i get perverted
i can't remember your name
i'm growing introverted
you touch my hand but it's not the same...

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> was it from LB night three?  if so i should be on there.  i haven't had a
chance to see much of it yet.  i was looking for people i know.  thanks for
the dvd digits so i can just jump there.
> This live concert/box set thing is exactly what Garbage needs to do. 
Videos, B sides and rarities, live concerts, videos...
> why dont they have them?  whhhyyyyyy?
> Later,
> pb
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