[Trash-talk] my two seconds of fame!

blisteringheat blisteringheat at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 25 20:51:55 PST 2003

Only 14 minutes, 58 seconds to go!

Anyways I made it on the new No Doubt DVD! They got me jumping and yelling
"had it up to here!" during the first chorus of Just A Girl... 58:37 -
58:38 in case you want to see. Please no autograph requests the next time
we meet though. Oh, and Shelly is the grumpy redhead next to me. She'd had
it up to here of Gwen doing the exact same shit all three nights. Haha.  :)


when did i get perverted
i can't remember your name
i'm growing introverted
you touch my hand but it's not the same...

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