[Trash-talk] new studio diaries posted

Alan Hoppe achoppe at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 15 16:20:50 PST 2003

yeah -- i wrote those exact words "fly on the wall" in my wishes too,
regarding what's up at smart studios, when i was writing in my thongboy
livejournal. but enough about me ...

one of my favorite all-time studio diary entries was that hilarious one
written by butch vig. he kept calling shirley "the queen". it was great. it
made me long for more writings from the ladyboys.

a streaming vidcam thing would be cool too. a STEVE-CAM! some imaginary
highlights :

hey! how come the picture is all hazy? oohhhhh .. steve's taking a shower
again! haha. heyyyy what's that mysterious probing hand doing there ...?
oooh it's DANIEL! what's he doing? uh-oh lookout, THE QUEEN is coming up the
stairs, better stop the shenanigans and get to work.


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From: "mruci" <livegarbage at yahoo.com>

> Yeah, what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall in
> that studio...  Maybe Garbage's own version of the
> Beatles 'Let It Be' movie?  Not that drastic I'm
> sure... I still wish the boys had their own diary, I'd
> like to hear a bit from their perspective!  Shirley's
> great and all, but come on... Garbage is a group.
> ~Josh

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