[Trash-talk] Europe VMAs on MTV2

Alan Hoppe achoppe at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 5 14:42:48 PST 2003

where abouts do you live, ms SFV? perhaps you will see shirley manson out and about! 
that would make up for your not getting d. beckham's autograph. i don't know who d. beckham is. 

yeah, having an odd single with shirley and marilyn would be a great thing to have between garbage albums! it makes me think of "#1 crush" back in an earlier hiatus between releases. 

i'm so glad the EMAs are going to be broadcast here in the US. if i were there backstage at the event i'd try to get my picture taken with shirley and christina. this should be a great event. i hope shirley brought her diary with her. 

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  I'm still alive and kickin'...little behind everything & was occupied with
  sport event..or should I better tell the truth...helped friend to catch D. Beckham 
  to sign something. Result-failure.

  Good to hear EMA will be aired in USA. Live from what I can see-
  9pm @ our place= 3pm usa ET.
  Anyways I hope Shirley will appear early, so that I don't have to watch 
  entire 2-3 hours of freak show.

  What about manson-manson duet? since new G album will come 
  god-knows-when next year this might be considered as small dosage of
  Garbage, just to get through the winter.

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