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I found it on Amazon! The movie is really expensive to buy, so is therefore
something to find at the video store and rent. I might have to go find it.
I've been curious about it ever since you first mentioned it, @nette! Here's
the Amazon link followed by a few things from the page:



Mail to the Chief (2000)
List Price: $95.99

Studio: Disney Studios
Video Release Date: November 21, 2000
VHS - NTSC format

Editorial Review - Amazon.com :

As farfetched kid-movie story lines go, Disney's done worse: Mail to the
Chief's highly improbable predicament connects viewers with eighth-grade
working-class wunderkind Kenny (Holland Taylor), who accidentally strikes up
an online correspondence with the out-of-touch U.S. commander in chief in an
Internet chat room. Kenny taps out a message to "Average Joe"--the unlikely
screen name of the president (Randy Quaid)--about how politicians "tell you
what they want, not how they're going to give it to you," like in math at
school, where "you can't just give the answer, you have to show your work."
Sinking in an election year because he's a blowhard, the president is soon
accepting face-to-face policy advice from the tuned-in teen. But Kenny's
home life, meantime, is going down the tubes. What's worse, as the days tick
down to the country's big decision, the president, on the advice of his
stuffed-shirt advisers, abruptly cuts his ties to Kenny. The chief comes
around in the end, of course, and a not entirely lame lesson about honesty
and the merits of simple straight shooting is tied up in a neat little bow.
Grownups not too proud to admit savoring after-school specials in their
younger years will settle into this all-around entertaining movie nicely,
and their like-minded kids 8 and older are apt to follow suit. --Tammy La



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From: "starvin' @nette"

> Remember the movie I spoke of that I saw on the Disney Channel about the
> young boy that becomes the President's advisor and Garbage get involved in
> the plot? The Norwegian title of that movie was "E-mail To The President"
> and I sent an e-mail to the [Scandinavian] Disney Channel asking what the
> original title was. Today I got a mail from them saying the original title
> is Mail To The Chief. I've heard of it before. Well, anyway, I was
> it would be sent again November 15. I am most definately going to see it.
> Apart from the G thing, it was a rather entertaining film.
> @nette

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