[Trash-talk] personal search/surnames... mm.. stalkers..notfunny... :/

Shirley vixen cmonshirl at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 25 19:44:19 PST 2003

>>>>>The other day I did a search for myself and found
>>>>>University e-mails from 1994 lurking on there. All very worrying and a 
>>>>> >great time for mad stalkers.
>>>... like ME!! *evil cackling* ...
>>erm, on that subject - i once had an online stalker and it really is *not* 
>>a pleasant experience, particularly when they confront you in real life 
>>and seem to be able to recount your complete sex life... um...
>>for this reason may i suggest that everybody uses the friends only option 
>>on lj.. ive started to post publicly again but really, the violation is 
>Yeah, stalking is not something for me to have made an *evil cackle* over, 
>and so I want to retract that laugh track. Sorry. It's really a scarey 
>topic and ties directly into what Ian was saying in the first place.

oops sorry i didnt mean that you couldnt laugh at it.. so cackle away my 
dear because if you cant take the serious things light-heartedly then you'll 
crack up... and i laugh at everything.. *hehe*


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