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Fox Mulder scully_itsme at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 22 17:12:03 PST 2003

Not a lot of time to post anything right now, having just done something 
that rendered my home computer inoperable (so i'm at the library, oh joy). 
But wanted to do a quick reply regarding this, Ian.

I discovered her site about six or seven months ago, I think, and never said 
anything about it. I can't remember if someone told me about it or if I 
found it through one of those Google sessions. It's amazing the stuff you'll 
find in a Google session. And you're right about the frightening nature of 
that whole business. I am at this point afraid to do a search on myself. 
Haha. The last time I did I found the text of a drunken post I'd done to the 
now-defunct 'Garbage Fans' email group. *shudder*

With Roxy Erickson credited on some of Garbage.com's photos, it is safe to 
bet that people have discovered her website - and those most likely to do so 
are the fans that are the most deeply-probing regarding 'all matters 
garbage'. So the pandora's box probably swung open somewhat the moment the 
photos from the Cherry Lips video shoot were posted .. I think that's when 
the Garbage.com photos that had her name on them were posted. Or was it when 
the site first opened and there were the images of Shirley with her guitar 
on the couch? I can't remember.

Enough out of me. Thanks for posting on this topic, Ian!! You, the 
mysterious one who pretends to be in Europe but is actually living in a 
secret hideout in Iowa ;P

Alan H.

>From: Ian Abbott <iabbott at ruiner.demon.co.uk>
>Tell me about it. At least there seems to be a level of normality on this
>list due to the lack of promotion. The Garbage.com board system is full of
>nutcases because it's easier to get onto and harass people. Luckily it 
>that system will soon be taken down as Interscope and UMG rationalise their
>Internet presences. Whatever happens, please - and this goes out to 
>here - don't propagate any contact details you may have obtained from the
>roxyerickson.com website to any of those board members.
>As I've already stated, this is a professional work website. It would also
>be unfair to bombard anyone with personal queries because of famous
>relatives. I would not e-mail on a whim unless I had a specific reason to -
>such as I wanted to employ her for photographic sessions. (However, as I'm
>an ugly bugger, the chances of that happening are very remote, and I have
>very little money as well.) Even though I've met the band many times over
>these years, I still don't really consider myself as a 'friend' (more of a
>tolerated acquaintance) and I would never e-mail any one of them, even if I
>had their e-mail addresses, let alone consider e-mailing their family
>members. If I ever did make it onto their Christmas card lists (oh look a
>flying pig goes past the devil on skis), you would be rest assured that I
>wouldn't be posting on here. As it is, I only lurk these days... Too busy
>with my own life these days to worry about all of this.
>This is one of the primary dangers of the Internet it seems - once you are
>out there you become for all intents and purposes public domain, and with
>the power of search engines such as Google, it is becoming increasingly
>difficult to maintain privacy, particularly now that Google have 20 years 
>postings on Usenet online. The other day I did a search for myself and 
>University e-mails from 1994 lurking on there. All very worrying and a 
>time for mad stalkers.
>How did people find this site anyway? Google? Randomly? Word of mouth?
>Let me know before I go back to lurking.

>on 21/3/03 8:24 pm, Anette *Starvin Marvin* at bowdowntoanette at hotmail.com
> > I agree, Ian, but I doubt anyone on this list would contact her. 
> > KEEP THIS SITE AWAY FROM THE OFFICIAL MB, there are some "doubtful"
> > characters there who I wouldn't trust with this information.
> >
> > @nette

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