[Trash-talk] Re: i've never seen these photos before..

iabbott at ruiner.demon.co.uk iabbott at ruiner.demon.co.uk
Fri Mar 21 18:02:25 PST 2003


Yes there are good photos on the Roxy Erickson site.

Whatever, please DO NOT and I stress *DO NOT* contact Roxy Erickson no matter how tempted you are. Roxy is a professional photographer and any contact information present within the site is purely for PROFESSIONAL purposes - for the nature of appropriating future business to extend a portfolio. Please do not send any questions about photography, about Garbage or Duke Erikson, and most definitely do not even consider submitting any mails about personal matters.

If you are a publication or label seeking to use Roxy in a PAID, PROFESSIONAL context then please follow the formal channels. However, if you are a publication you will not be on this list. Otherwise, check the site for some fantastic photo work, but leave Roxy well alone.

Sorry to sound so abrupt, but I am sure you would not random strangers contacting you for unprofessional reasons. Please show some respect.


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