[Trash-talk] political band?

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Calm down :)  I was making a point; Who are you to say who can and cannot
have the right to an opinion? Put it this way; if you believe in something
strongly, shouldn't you have the right to use any means at your disposal to
get your opinion across?

I actually *do* find it a little disturbing when celebs use their power for
a political stance. There are lots of impressionable young people out there
and musicians aren't always the brightest of people or the most educated.
However, that doesn't mean they should shut up. If people are so poor
educated that they believe every word they hear their fave pop star utter,
or every word they read in the Sun news paper, or indeed see on CNN, then
that's a failure of our society. I'd much rather see a society that is
intelligent enough to 'protest' when it sees things are going wrong and to
stand up for their rights, rather than a society that is apathetic (and I
have to add to this, jaded).

Having said that, I believe Garbage are educated intelligent folk. Although
I wont have my opinions on war dictated by anyone, my personal opinions
co-inside with the bands.

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> are you all daft?
> can you not read?
> come on.
> i said ANYONE THAT USES THEIR CELEBRITY STATUS not anyone in particular
> any political side whatsoever.
> >Does that mean everyone except musicians have the right to protest for
> something they believe in? Who else are you going to add to that list of
> people who aren't allowed to protest.>
> lets try to read whats written and not interpreting peoples words into
> which they clearly arent.
> karin
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