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Mon Jun 23 20:10:00 PDT 2003

There's only one thing to say in a situation like that;.... D'OH!!!!
Hehe, sorry, I'm in giggle mode. I messed up in the ONLY Garbage competition 
ever held in Norway. I didn't know about it until the winners were 
announced. Pretty shitty too since the winner got free concert tickets and 
backstage passes. But meh, I met them anyway! *sly laugh*


"I can't recommend it more highly so you should all start producing."
-Butch Vig-

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>Subject: [Trash-talk] grrr Forth 1 radio
>Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 13:03:18 +0100
>This morning, Forth1 radio (local city radio, Edinburgh, Scotland) had a 
>"Red is not dead" (or something) competition. Anyway it woke me up at 
>7:30am, and I kinda half slept while they gave the first clues to todays 
>"This famous redheaded singer was born in 1966, and used to have a saturday 
>job at Selfridges."
>I was half asleep, so started to dream of Shirley before I even really 
>realised it was a competition.
>Then, 30 minutes later the second clue;
>"This redheaded singer also sang a bond theme."
>At which point I was VERY awake, leaped out of bed, grabbed the phone and 
>started madly trying to get through to the radio station!
>Um... but we didn't win. Some girl got through and got the answer right 
>before us. "Shirley Manson", of course. Really annoyed! My subconcious 
>answered the question while I was asleep even before the second clue for 
>the competition! We could've won! (£150 of vouchers would have been 
>@ the garbage fan site
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