[Trash-talk] Warner vs Universal

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Wed Jun 18 22:12:15 PDT 2003

i dont think garbage are owned by warner right now. i dont think they have a 
record company in the uk. or if they do - someone please enlighten me. :)


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>From: Michele <vr5sbloom at aol.com>
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>Subject: [Trash-talk] Warner vs Universal
>Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 07:20:00 -0700
>So something that's been bugging me...the Mushroom site (er...really just 
>its frontpage, the rest is still there) is gone now, and they're owned by 
>Warner. In the US, Garbage's label is Universal.
>Conflict?! or no? What do you guys think will happen? Disclaimer: I mean 
>rampant speculation, not, you know, "this that and all and then it somehow 
>becomes a rumor and then absolute certainty" although watch that happen.
>I think back in the day we were worried the b-sides collection would come 
>out only in the UK...now I'm wondering if there's not even any chance of 
>that anymore.
>I think we're screwed for singles, but who knows, maybe Warner will promote 
>'em well. They totally screwed up Tori Amos's last UK single though, and 
>her fan base usually loves collecting singles...
>Am I being doom and gloom for no reason? Has this been hashed out somewhere 
>else yet? Here and I missed it? ;P
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