[Trash-talk] Warner vs Universal

Michele vr5sbloom at aol.com
Wed Jun 18 08:20:00 PDT 2003

So something that's been bugging me...the Mushroom site (er...really 
just its frontpage, the rest is still there) is gone now, and they're 
owned by Warner. In the US, Garbage's label is Universal.

Conflict?! or no? What do you guys think will happen? Disclaimer: I mean 
rampant speculation, not, you know, "this that and all and then it 
somehow becomes a rumor and then absolute certainty" although watch that 

I think back in the day we were worried the b-sides collection would 
come out only in the UK...now I'm wondering if there's not even any 
chance of that anymore.

I think we're screwed for singles, but who knows, maybe Warner will 
promote 'em well. They totally screwed up Tori Amos's last UK single 
though, and her fan base usually loves collecting singles...

Am I being doom and gloom for no reason? Has this been hashed out 
somewhere else yet? Here and I missed it? ;P


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