[Trash-talk] Re: abandoned pools opinion on Garbage andtheiraudience

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thank you thank you thank you for finally telling who that band was! well - 
i only heard it four times but i know all the words and the moves and stuff. 
there was one song of theirs that i realy liked while listening to it and i 
now forget what it is or what its called.. but if someone said the words 
that are repeated in it then id know.

im not a huge crystal method fan... :/


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>Crystal Method remain a fave of mine. I've got their entire back catalogue
>now. The whole of the last tour, CM were used as the "pre-gig" music - the
>music that's played while waiting on the support band, and between the
>support band and Garbage coming on stage. Sometimes playing back the tracks
>reminds me of that antisipation!
>If anyone would like the three tracks that are usually used, I can post 
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>I never really enjoyed abandonned pools, I got some friends back here in
>France to listen to their live performance and they really don't like their
>music. It's just another American band that sounds like a lot of others. 
>I was offended by what they said considering the fact that they don't 
>know what they are talking about, and they were a support band, did they
>expect us to be extremely excited to see them?
>Like... I went and saw Björk on monday in one of the biggest venues in
>Paris, and the support band (or artist) was this girl called Peaches or The
>Peaches and well it was extremely weird... she was really really angry that
>no one was into what she was doing, or cheering or anything, she was saying
>stuff like, "i was invited here, björk likes me". It was sad in a way, but
>what did she expect? I did my best to support her even if I really didn't
>like what she was doing (does anyone know her? She also opened for the 
>stripes here in paris) but the rest of the audience was not as nice as I 
>I guess.
>For me, the best band that supported Garbage was Queen Adreena, I got their
>cd afterwards, I guess I'm not the only Garbage fan who did so. I also 
>The Crystal method back in 1998.
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