[Trash-talk] Re: abandoned pools opinion on Garbage and their audience

Queen Helen fan club garbagefanclub at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 18 10:48:23 PDT 2003

Yeah, I have that cd aswell, but I can't really listen to it! Everytime I 
listen to it I feel like I'm in the venue waiting for Garbage, I know the 
exact moment when they are to get onstage and stuff. But sometimes with 
friends we put the crystal method cd pretending we're at a Garbage concert, 
then the Queen Adreena cd then some Garbage live! hehe


Shell wrote:
Crystal Method remain a fave of mine. I've got their entire back catalogue
now. The whole of the last tour, CM were used as the "pre-gig" music - the
music that's played while waiting on the support band, and between the
support band and Garbage coming on stage. Sometimes playing back the tracks
reminds me of that antisipation!

If anyone would like the three tracks that are usually used, I can post them


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