[Trash-talk] concert reviews: more Datsuns, plus The Music (NGR)

. Karin . qkarinb at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 8 15:05:15 PDT 2003


i think theyre pretty damn good too..havent heard them live yet but will 
this summer.


pongo typed:
The Datsuns @ the Casbah, San Diego; and @ the Glass House, Pomona:
I think I already posted one review of the Datsuns from when I saw them at
the Troubadour, or maybe I just emailed Bill Shaw. Either way, it's now
confirmed. This is the greatest live band going. No contest. Yes, better
than Garbage. Better than Garbage at Irvine in '98 (sorry!). Better than
any of the other hundreds of concerts I've ever seen. This band is insane.

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