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my turn...

well, i feel like ive told this story a million times. i probably have. but 
here it comes again.


when i was 9 i was aware of garbage - my 15 year old sister noeleen liked 
them (she feel in love with queer) and id seen the videos on tv but i dont 
remember how they sounded or anything. she got the debut album for christmas 
from my other sister (i dont remember that happening either).

on new years eve, 4 days after my 10th birthday (wow so long ago!), i was 
sitting on the landing getting dressed for a party (i was getting dressed 
into blue leggings and slouch socks - a lot has changed over the years!) - 
noeleen was playing her album. she put on only happy when it rains and said 
do you know this song louise? i said no. she then changed to queer and said 
do you know this song? i said no. then she put on supervixen and i cried oh 
i know that one! i know that one! but how can you louise you've never heard 
it before.

i fell in love *instantly*.

i went into her room and we listened to the songs. i looked at the picture 
of garbage on the back cover. noeleen pointed to the girl - thats shirley 
manson. i nodded. she was pretty. she was cool. but i didnt care - i just 
wanted the music.

<the above is how i got into them but now ive started rambling on and its up 
to you whether you want to read this.....>


1996 and part of 97 was a swirl of garbage. during the summer of 96 i must 
have listened to that album a thousand times on repeat. i hurled the windows 
open and i jumped up and down on my bed. in all my life of music obsession, 
id never been so passionate. i encouraged a school friend to get into them 
and we would run around the house screaming dog new tricks and my sisters 
would laugh at us. my pencil case was covered in garbage stickers (top of 
the pops and smash hits magazine quite liked garbage in those days!) and my 
german penpal would send me all these cool articles and stuff. mary and i 
dreamed that one day we would go to a concert and stand in the middle. we 
never believed that kinda stuff could come true. we were relatively naive 11 
year old girls knowing nothing really about concerts and bands. that sort of 
stuff didnt happen to people like us. it was for other people far away.

i lost the album in the autumn of 97 after id posted off the card to 
mushroom to join the mailing list and found it by chance in feb 98 and fell 
in love all over again - to be shocked on easter sunday by a new garbage 
video. aargh.

this time the love was completely different, and what i needed was 
different. we fell for shirley. we needed her so much and we wanted to be 
her so much. i know that i definitely did anyways. and well, it was always 
about the music but it became so much more.

this is so cheesy and so pathetic and so sick but SO TRUE......
it kept me *alive* during that era - truly and completely and wholly because 
unfortunately at that time in my life i had nothing else. its very strange 
to think back to then, considering what i am now but in 98/99/00 i had a 
series of "nervous breakdowns" and without garbage, well, there would be no 

im happy to say that im not so reliant now because well, that would be 
terrifying! :P and i dont need garbage to survive thankfully! ive got a lot 
more in my life thats probably a lot healthier for me :-D

but these are reasons why im so nostalgic about things like how i got into 
this band etc. because i dont think ive been affected quite so much in my 
life by anything else.

anyways - wasnt that exciting? well what can anyone else attribute to 
garbage? :P


believe it, i need it, i feel intoxicated
i love it, i want it, dont make me leave you for it

for a long time i was in love
not only in love
i was obsessed

ive got to make a point these days
to extricate myself
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