[Trash-talk] fashionable g hat anyone?

the menace sms52 at drexel.edu
Mon Jul 21 17:49:01 PDT 2003

so i'm interning at electric artists in nyc this summer (much less glamourous 
than you'd think, it turns out, but lots of fun anyway) and while i have been 
getting my fair share of free garbage stuff very little of it is worth 
mentioning.  so i got a free hat the other day, the blue version 2.0 baseball 
cap, and i was wondering if anybody out there who actually wears baseball caps 
would like one.  as long as you give me a couple of bucks for shipping i don't 
really care where it goes; it's nice and all as a collector's item but i like 
having hats i would wear.

this internship is cool because uhh i work under a big poster of the fast and 
the furious?  whatever.  there's a lovely poster of shirley right where you 
walk in, and a lovely framed bg poster over a desk behind me a ways <3

also lou, you wanted that lip gloss... i've found an unsealed extra :)  all 
yours, email me your address and i'll have that on its way asap.


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