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Alan Hoppe achoppe at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 12 15:07:13 PDT 2003

I loved that interview - and the performance of '#1 Crush' was great!

The things I remember about that Stern/Garbage thing were all so hilarious

Howard kept referring to '#1 Crush' as 'I Would Die For You' all through the
interview. Finally one of the boys said "actually it's called '#1 Crush'."
Probably Steve.

At one point Howard said something like "Shirley's going to do another song
called 'I Would SHAVE For You'."

He talked about being in the control room and how you could see Shirley's
panties. But he passed it off on the other dude on the show, saying that HE
kept going on about seeing Shirley's panties, and Howard gave the guy a hard
time, like "I know you can see them, I wasn't going to say anything, geez".
Riiiiight, Howard.

Shirley said, at one point, "Howard, get your mind out of the gutter!" and
she said it in her thick Scottish brogue with the Ts silent. She seemed to
enjoy being on the show.

The whole interview started out with Howard taking up quite a bit of time
going on and on about this song he'd done with some other musicians, and it
was kind of metal/rock sounding I think, and he'd go "okay, you can here me
right ..... here!" and then he'd go "okay, you can here me right ......
here!" again. But I think it was some little oddball vocal thing buried in
the track.

I had always wished they'd show this whole thing on his latenight TV show,
but all they ever show on that is silicone-breasted hookers, strippers and
porn stars.


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> Yeah, I remember that site. I used to listen to the Howard Stern interview
> lot, but the site it was originally posted on disappeared a couple of
> ago, I think.  I recognize that xoom - plumdrop url. It had a really good
> quality realaudio of the interview.
> Highlights:
> *Howard kept saying how much he wanted to have sex with Shirley.
> *Shirley brings up the subject of anal sex.
> *Howard wants to know if the boys have ever thought of Shirley in a sexual
> way (they go really quiet).
> Come to think of it, they mostly talk about sex..... I'm not American nor
> have I ever heard one of his shows (apart from this one), but I saw the
> movie and the guy's all about sex.. I dont need to tell you this, but I
> don't care. Anyway, back to the highlights.
> Hm.... I lost my focus there, I can't remember more..... Crap.
> @nette

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