[Trash-talk] Happy Birthday!~ (and new diary entry)

Alan Hoppe achoppe at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 27 20:40:31 PDT 2003

LMAO! Well maybe Butch will see it or read her diary and know about that

I think YOU should tell her, Lindsay! Go go go - tell tell tell!


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From: "Lindsay Calhoun"

> Somebody should tell Shirley that bizarre message is a Nirvana reference.
> At least I believe it is.  Wasn't it on some of their t-shirts or
> -Lindsay
> >From: "Alan Hoppe" <achoppe at earthlink.net>

> >Hey, in her diaries she mentions getting some flowers and a very bizarre
> >note from our beloved online buddy Tymon!! That is so classic. If anyone
> >were to send a note that would be odd enough for Shirley to mention it in
> >her diary, it would *have* to be Tymon, haha.
> >
> >:>

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