[Trash-talk] Garbage Extra Tracks, B-Sides and Re-mixes

Alan Hoppe achoppe at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 8 18:38:02 PDT 2003

Since you're in the US, I don't know that you can necessarily find the
Garbage b-sides and remixes cheaply, but you can definately find them. For
the most part, they exist on the various singles released in Europe and I've
found just about everything at Tower Records, Borders, and they have run
roughly ten dollars each. But you can find them for less than that, too. And
online, you can find some better deals. Since you're at the starting point,
I'd advise going with an online company because you can buy multiple singles
at once and they'll be cheaper than in the local store, plus you'll get
somewhat of a deal on shipping through one purchase than a whole bunch of
individual purchases.

However, I can't think offhand of what a good online music company is right
now, because I've not made any such purchases in awhile.

And I lucked out because I started collecting the singles as they were
coming out during the debut CD. That was the only way I could afford to get
them, really.

Hopefully someone can post some good online deals, or companies. Good luck!


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From: "Michael Lefsky"

> Can anyone advise me on the best, and cheapest, way to easily collect the
> extra tracks, b-sides and re-mixes that I have seen on the various
> discographies?
> Michael

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