[Trash-talk] Calling all European Trashers!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren Merka lauren.merka at trinity.edu
Fri Aug 8 02:22:40 PDT 2003

Ok, I'm going to be studying abroad in Cork Ireland this fall. In fact I
leave in about 2 1/2 weeks (August 26th). Well I plan to travel the shit out
of Europe while I'm over there, since it'll be a lot cheaper than trying to
do that while I'm in the US!!!

SO What I'm asking for is all of your help!!!!! I've already roped the
fabulous Simon into rescuing me from the airport in Dublin and Shell has
said I can come visit in Edinburgh. So I'd like to see where the rest of you
live so I can come visit your cities!!! I love meeting other Garbage fans,
they're some of the coolest people I know!

So please e-mail me back!! I promise I'm not a crazy psycho! I'm just a
regular 20 year old girl from Texas!!!! There are some trashers here who can
vouch for me!! (Pat, Petra, Renee, Claire, etc!) Please e-mail me back!!!


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