[Trash-talk] How does Garbage translate?

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Tue Aug 5 10:01:53 PDT 2003

Mmmm... interesting, let's see (the other day I gave the French Garbage 
fanzine 'I'm Really Into Garbage' to a friend. We had translated three 
Garbage songs into French, we tried to sing them, but it's quite funny, the 
lyrics are kind of stupid in French, not stupid but simple and I dunno... 

I think i'm paranoid --> Je crois que je suis parano(iaque)
Queer -->  Bizarre
Soldier Through This --> S'en Sortir
Temptation Waits --> La tentation Attend
Push It --> Pousse le or Pousse la (doesnt make any sense when translated 
Only happy when it rains --> Heureuse seulement quand il pleut
As heaven is wide -->  Aussi grand qu'est le paradis (?)
not my idea -->  Pas mon idée
A stroke of luck -->  un coup de chance
Vow -->  voeux
Stupid girl -->  fille stupide
Androgyny -->  Androgynie
My Lover's box --> La boîte de mon amoureux
Milk --> Lait
Shut your mouth --> Ferme la
Can't cry these tears --> Je ne peux pleurer ces larmes
Til the day I die --> Jusqu'au jour de ma mort
Cup of coffee --> tasse de café
Silence is golden --> Le silence est d'or
When I grow up --> Quand je serais grande
The trick is to keep breathing --> Le truc c'est de continuer à respirer
Dumb --> Débile
Untouchable --> Intouchable
Drive you home --> te conduire à la maison
nobody loves you --> Personne ne t'aime
So like a rose --> Pareil à une rose
Hammering in my head --> Martelement dans ma tête (?)
number 1 crush --> coup de foudre
enough is never enough --> assez n'est jamais assez
the world is not enough --> le monde ne suffit pas
sex never goes out of fashion --> le sexe n'est jamais démodé
happiness --> bonheur


mmm... i forgot some song titles... anyway, not as fun as it was when i 
started so i'll stop now. heh.

I want to see some Garbage song titles translated
into other languages. I happened to notice on a website that sukebe is 
for sex fiend and started wondering how other titles translate. If you speak
anything other than English then please post some here for my amusement

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