[Trash-talk] Naval Rings and Garbage

Merka, Lauren Lauren.Merka@trinity.edu
Fri, 20 Dec 2002 09:40:16 -0600

I bet you never thought you'd see those words together in the same phrase!!! Renee and I had a mini Texas Trasher Bunny reunion in Austin Wednesday night, along with the TTB's and Pat's! new No Doubt girlie friend Brittany. So for years i've always wanted to get my belly button pierced but I've always just been too damn scared. So last night the 3 of us were going to Emo's where Renee's boyfriend's band was playing, which happened to be right next to a piercing place! We'd been planning on getting it done that night sicne I'd wimped out last time, plus i had just spent $80 on Garbage stuff so I really didn't have much money left! I knew I'd never be able to do it sober so we sat outside while i drank vodka and fruit punch to calm my ass down!!!
FINALLY I was ready! We went in and the dude told us only 1 other person could come in with me so Renee came with me!!! I was laying in the chair and I was so super nervous. She was holding both of my hands and I needed a distraction so I was like "quick name a Garbage song that I can sing!!!" Her response was "Oh ah ah ah oooooh!!!"
-Me "What are you doing to me?!?! Just pick one!!"
-Renee -"Aughh i'm trying to think of a good fun one!!"
-Renee "Ok ok Get Busy With the Fizzy!"
So I proceed to sing that one, Renee stepping in to harmonize, but I finish before the guy is ready to pierce so I do the whole first part of Shut Your Mouth in .2 seconds. That's when the dude said it would probably be best if she just talked to me so my stomach would stop moving around. So Renee kept me entertained by talking about Garbage!!!!!!!!!!! 
I don't care what they say it hurts when you get anything pierced, and this was no exception. We went out and Brittany was askign how it went and I was like "Renee kept me calm by talking about Garbage!!!" and she was like "well it's a good thing I didn't go in b/c I wouldn't have been able to do that!" So in the end I didn't bleed, and it was only red for like 3 minutes afterwards. It's not swollen or nasty now, so everything's great!!! 
So yeah that's how Naval Rings and Garbage go together!!