[Trash-talk] Tattoo or no?

Renee Danger Fernandez renee@newinfection.com
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 18:39:04 -0600

which is why you go to someone reputable and they should give their 
honest opinion about how it will look/if they have the skill to 
accomplish what you want/etc. it's like choosing a hair stylist only 
MUCh more important.. that sounds like shabby workmanship rather than 
bad design to me. if you meet the artist and feel at ALL uncomfortable, 
take a rain check. it will hurt less and you'll love it more if you 
feel good about the whole process. I was not comfortable with the guy 
that did mine and i don't remember the experience itself too fondly.. 
but then again i was completely ignorant so.. yeah. woody harrelson 
almost stepped on me coming up the front steps of the tattoo shop 
though as i was waiting for my friends to come back =) haha,... anyways 
if you don't feel like the artist cares, or isn't taking you seriously, 
or ANYTHING, go someplace else. that's how they're going to treat your 
skin and you don't need to be lining some asshole's pockets for doing 
shitty work.

oh what i was going to say was that i thought about getting the 
shattered rose across my lower back.. i'm just leery of it not looking 
perfect, b/c that's going to involve a lot of intricate color work and 
blackwork is generally easier and more reliable.. but color can be SO 
breathtakingly beautiful when done correctly...

expect to pay $60 - $100 an hour. $100 is high end for someone in 
demand that is very reputable. but of course it's worth it. it's 
permanent! and it's a piece of art that's yours forever... they may 
charge extra due to placement as some places are higher risk, more 
painful, etc than others and different methods and precautions will 
have to be taken. a good artist will give his honest opinion on all 
these things, go slowly, make you feel as comfortable as possible etc.

check out http://www.bmezine.com for stories and pictures.

tattoos are soooo addictive... have funnnn...


On Monday, December 16, 2002, at 02:42 PM, Shirley vixen wrote:

> well i dont have a tattoo but can i suggest against the G one.. the 
> only other garbage fan i know with the first album G (she shall remain 
> nameless) has a terrible tattoo that looks like it was drawn on with 
> pen.. of course ive only ever seen photos.. although i have seen her 
> in real life.. and it looks awful..:)
> lou
> xx
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