[Trash-talk] Shirley's new boots ( plus new TTB fan fiction )

Alan Hoppe achoppe@earthlink.net
Thu, 12 Dec 2002 09:29:53 -0800

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From: Renee Danger Fernandez <renee@newinfection.com>

> no, actually lately i've been thinking about how i should really own a
> pair of red cowboy boots myself.. however such a frivolity is not in my
> budget at this point in time.. perhaps for my birthday? or perhaps when
> i am a rockstar and on tour i can purchase some and ponce around my
> posh hotel room...
> heehee

you SHOULD! well .. when the frivolity factor is in full swing. and RED! omg
you have to!

> renee "texas trasher bunny" danger
> ps - haha.. Texas Trasher Bunnies.. sounds like a superhero group or
> something!

it IS! with sometimes-guest-appearances from elfie "french trasher kitten"
and her partner in crime, THE BBD ( ominous figure of the night, shrouded in
mystery, driving corvette stingray ) !!

*just as shirley holds out her arm, the feather boa dropping before the
crazed fanatics center ring at the houston show, TTB claire sensed trouble,
her encoder headband detecting a very high blood-alcohol + aggression level
from the fans looming directly behind shirley's intended boa princess. no
time to spare, claire raises her fingers to her temples and sends out a
signal to other TTBs in the vicinity .. and just as the feather boa is in
mid-flight, the sound of a whip snapping penetrates the dark arena, the
mysterious BBD having lunged upward into the air and grabbing hold of the
arms of the two drunken riotgrrls about to steal away or shred the coveted
boa. hooray! the boa drops and *woooosh* into arms of shirley's intended boa
princess, and all order is restored to the garbage universe. but wait. the
BBD is being accosted and elbowed by an annoying brute who cannot dance, and
she's loosing hold of her whip - oh nooo! but suddenly other TTBs of the
vicinity who recieved claire's telepathic instant warning message are there
to swoop down upon mr. drunken bluto. first it's purple elfie, guardian of
the dance, able to detect troubling dance maneuvers from 100 kilometers, who
headbutts bluto, followed by winged TTBs petra and renee, whose hovercraft
bodystockings allow them to fly, and they ensnare bluto in a pink mesh
garbage baggie and deposit him *wooooooosh* all the way up in the nosebleed
section. hooray! and after the show they all high-five and have girls night
out, the clandestine texas posse of garbage avengers in all their glory!*

coming soon : ttb action figurines from mcfarlane toys ( alternative bonus
accessories and boots also available seperately! feather boa not included )


> On Wednesday, December 11, 2002, at 08:04 PM, Fox Mulder wrote:


> > We have so many Texas Trasher Bunnies on this list, they probably all
> > roll their eyes when someone starts going on about cowboy boots.